Music Recorder – free MP3s, free music videos and so much more!

Music Recorder is your portal to the music world: Play songs of your favorite artists and discover new tunes with access to over
100,000 radio stations and thousands of free music videos, concerts and specials. Automatically record your favorite songs
or entire albums as free MP3s.

Over 100k live radio stations

Listen to your favorite local radio station or tune into
sports, culture or contemporary shows from across the globe.

100,000 radio stations
Millions of songs and music videos

Millions of free MP3s and free music videos

Music Recorder taps into more than 100,000 radio stations and many streaming services such as YouTube, Vimeo and Daily Motion and allows you to find and play any song instantly!
Free music videos, concerts, interviews – you got it! Music Recorder also
knows what’s playing on radio stations world-wide and let’s
you discover new music – not calculated by an algorithm but
based on what actual human DJs play on the radio.

Record your favorite songs as free MP3s

Remember the times when you meticulously taped your favorite songs? Pick your favorite songs, albums or artist discographies and let Music Recorder do the recording. Music Recorder automatically saves free MP3s including cover art and full ID3 tags.

Record your favorite songs as free MP3s
Burn CD's and sync to phones

Burn CD’s and sync to phones

Music Recorder records free MP3s in non-DRM files.
You can copy all music to your Android or Windows Phone and sync it to your iPhone (via iTunes).
Also you can burn it to an Audio CD or stream it to your AirPlay-compatible home stereo.